The park

    Along a marked route of about 5 km, easily passable by car to a sudden and another stretch also walking, there are over 40 animal species for a total of about 350 specimens, housed in cozy spaces and appropriately equipped. Year after year the Park has focused to align with the new concept of the zoo, going from "exhibition center" to "center of conservation," ambracing the mission of every zoo which nowadays includes education, research and the conservation. In 2011, the Safari Park delle Langhe reached an important milestone: 35 years of opening. Thirty-five years characterized by a strong commitment and the will to carry out a development project in which we firmly believe and that was amply rewarded by the increasing number of visitors and their satisfaction. Everything always accompanied by a permanent foundation: love and respect for animals! All this has led the park to take the path required by Legislative Decree no. 73/2005 and with the collaboration of the Ministries of Environment, Health, the State Forestry and the local ASL, ended with the Licensing for the zoological garden.