Research and Conservation

    It is important to remember that just the faunistic parks give the opportunity to establish a first contact with the world of animals to a different audience made up of individuals, families and schools. You can learn about species that you could hardly meet normally, thus having the chance to surprise and get rich emotionally and culturally through the encounter with the always amazing realm of Nature.

    In this context the Safari Park delle Langhe participates in the scientific research relating to the protection and conservation of wildlife and the welfare of the animal species in captivity and frequently exchanges information, knowledge and experiences with others in this branch and operators of parks and zoos, always focused to protect the animals housed and to improve their living conditions with programs of environmental enrichment.

    Our guests are housed and looked after by qualified and competent staff who show a natural predisposition to this type of activity, as well as by a group of veterinarians and external zoological consultants of proven track record, all working in conditions and with measures aimed to ensure the prosperity and balance of animals, to meet their individual biological and conservation needs. Currently the Safari Park delle Langhe collaborates with the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Turin.