The Safari Park delle Langhe

The Safari Park delle Langhe was born in 1976 in Murazzano, in the province of Cuneo, in the beautiful land of Langhe.

It is characterized by a amazing view of rolling green hills which allows the visitor's gaze to sweep from the mountains almost to the sea, offering an incomparable landscape! In this wonderful scenery, tempered with pleasant breezes, the Safari Park delle Langhe develops in a spectacular wide area of over 70 hectares on which displace the different environments for our animals, to whom we guarantee plenty of space in a totally natural uncontaminated area.

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Our Mission


    This is the meaning of our existence and presence Today more than ever, zoos are subject to interest from the public in both positive and negative. In this sense, the EU has worked hardly to create a specific legislation (1999/22 / EC) which has been recognized in Italy even more restrictively (Legislative Decree no. 73/2005): a zoo, or zoological garden, exists since it has an active role in conservation, education and research. These are the missions for which the detention of animal species in captivity acquires a meaning. This way they become not only ambassadors mouthpiece of their cousins ​​in the wild, but above all they become essential genetic heritage, valuable to preserve the species as well as to provide important fundamental data for the research. This is the meaning of the existence of a zoo. That's the reason of our exsistence and presence. The zoo is indeed a meeting place between man and nature, but also a place of learning at different levels. The spaces hosting our animals have been redesigned over the years and the efforts that are being made to continue with this process of renewal are possible thanks to the support of our visitors which are leading us towards this future of research and collaboration.


  • “What a scenery”
    A nice park, placed in the scenery of hills overflowing with vines ... Unique! The animals are clearly visible, even when you have to stay in the car.

  • “Safari in the car”
    In the Langhe is a safari park with exotic animals that you can see up close from your car as in a real safari.

  • “Animals and Langhe”
    The zoo safari Murazzano includes a driving tour, from which in some areas you can go down to see animals up close.

  • “Safari in the Langhe”
    The park is located in the upper Langa, and worth going there just for the location. The park is visited by car and suddenly even walking.