A bit of history

    Safari park Langhe, Murazzano: a reality that looks to the future.

    Born in 1976, the Safari Park of the Langhe since 1982 is owned and continuously operated by Safari Srl that with the joint efforts of managers, employees and experts has been conducting a mission of continuous improvement of the structure aimed at ensuring and improving the welfare of its host animals. With a constant financial commitment and through continued work , not simple but fortified by a common desire and passion, it was possible year after year to reorganize, improve and modernize the structure in order to make it more and more appropriate and consistent with the principles and purposes that a zoo should possess and pursuing today, i.e. play a teaching, scientific and protection and conservation of biodiversity. This is a continuous effort, yesterday, today and for the future because further improvements may always be reached and even exceeded; in this work, not easy but rewarding, all the staff of the Park is doggedly accompanied by a common denominator: the unconditional love for our animals which are part of us, of our lives and of our history.